About Us
We are a dynamic society that focuses its business on platforms for aeria work rental keeping up with the market's trends and needs without overlooking complementary matters of the main activity.

The over twentyfive-year experience we reached, has allowed to set an accomplished network with this sector's enterprises, able to offer to clients a 360° service on national territory and over.

Our great reactivity and the will to face new challenges, together with flexibility and knowing of the market, allow us to better understand the specific needs of every client, offering an efficient support in locating the best solution for every construction activity.

NOVITAL, by virtue of the technical experience reached on the main brands and the business relations with international suppliers, is able to give a professional and qualified service about replacement supplies, machines reparations and innovations and scheduled mainteinances contracts.

Our fleet, cyclically renewed and modernised, includes about 500 machines suitable for every need in the lifting field for bare hire or with operator, CE certified and verified according to the current regulations.


Novital Novital is certified by ASACERT


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