Sollevatori telescopici

Novital srl offers several version of telescopic lift: fixed, revolving, with high between 6 meters and 35 meters and with a capacity of 25 and 50 liters.

a wide range of capacity and setting-up in order to give always the most appropriate and rational solution for each situation.

Novital’s machines stock, cyclically renewed, guarantee the most valuable brands on the market and the most modern products. each one of our lifts are registered for the road traffic.

The law provision (the deal between government and regions of February 2, 2012) require a specific training for the use of telescopic truck. If you are not enable to the use of trucks and rotary presses and you don’t have time to attend the training course or you prefer the help of a qualified and specialized expert, Novital offers you the rent with operators.

In July we also introduced the new lift RTH 5.35S MAGNI: with 35 meters maximum high and a 5 tonne capacity it’s currently a unique piece in Italy.

Contact us for further informations.

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