Vertical boom platforms

Piattaforme verticali semoventi

Novital offers "scissor" diesel machines till 20 m of work height.

Great load capacity, outstanding work covered surface, also thanks to the lateral extension which allow to overtake obstacles till 1,5 m.

Being equipped with four driving wheels, oscillating axle and stabiliser, they're able to work on broken grounds and hard situations such as the inside of a tunnel.

Electrical machines, powered by battery packs of 24V or 48V (for the heavier ones) and with battery charger included, represent an extremely cheap work vehicle, flexible and "ecologic".

Thanks to new technologies in the driving system design, the work autonomy reaches eight daily hours.

Work heights go from 6 m, for the more compact models able to move in the most restricted locations, to 19 m. Novital has the use of machines with working height till 17m and width of only 1,2 m.

Telescopic boom platforms

From 14 to 48 m of maximum work height, they are the most classic solution to height work.

The intuitive and easy employment of all the controls, the advancement speed, the characteristics of reach, make it a fundamental tool for "heavy" building sites.

The four driving and steering wheels that equip many of our models, permit the mobility even in very hard ground conditions.

To completion of the tired range NOVITAL also offers platforms with CRAWLER TRACK.
These machines can stand impossible conditions, where even the four driving wheels are insufficient (for example with mud) and pass slopes that are close to capsizing.

The superior support surface given by the tracks assures great stability and safety.

Gru telescopica
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